Why use Sierra

Old Rusty Rifle
Rifle saved and rust removed

What Sierra offers

Sierra coats guns using the best ceramic firearm coating Cerakote. Cerakote protects firearms from moisture and chemicals, as well as personalizing and camouflaging your firearm depending on what patterns and colors you choose.

Cerakote when applied properly is the best protection for your favorite firearm. Sierra is also able to remove exterior rust and re finish your firearm to stop the oxidization process and save your gun. Guns exposed to moisture tend to eventually rust, whether you were caught out in the rain while hunting, or moisture found its way into the gun cabinet and your firearms sat for an extended period. Once a firearm beings to rust there is not much you can do. Sierra is one option and has be able to help several owners remove exterior oxidization and refinish the firearm with Cerakote. Sierra is able to do this by sand blasting the barrel and action down to bare metal, removing rust and imperfections in the finish that have accumulated over time. Once the bare metal is exposed Sierra bakes out any oils that may remain and then cleans the metal prior to applying Cerakote. This process ensures that all the imperfections and oxidization are removed. The firearm is then coated, and the finish is often better than factory. This process often turns an old trusty rusty rifle back into a favorite you’ll be proud to show off at the range.

Sierra is also able to customize, personalize, and camouflage your firearm. The two methods Sierra uses to do this are stencilling with Cerakote, and Hydro Dipping for a 3D life like finish that can be achieved no other way.

Stenciling with Cerakote involves several layers of coating. A base coat is applied followed by stencils that are custom printed in house by Sierras commercial printer. Following the stencils being applied the firearm is coated again. Depending on the pattern this process may be repeated.

Hydro dipped graphics are used by manufacturers for rifle stocks all around the world. They are the standard for life like camouflage. Although this type of work is proven and durable trying to do it on your own is difficult and results will very. Sierra is extremely skilled, as well as properly equipped to dip your rifle stock for you. Sierra has a heated dip tank, as well as proper undercoat and activator. Sierra also only uses premium film that retains its color, vibrance and pattern. When it comes to which graphics you want your imagination is the limit. Sierra can order film in almost any pattern. All hydro dipped graphics are protected by clear Cerakote to ensure there is no damage or wear to the pattern. (NOTE – Graphics are only as strong as the material they are applied to. i.e if you gouge a wood stock the graphic will be damaged.)

Whether you want to recover and save your old rifle so you can pass it on to your kids, or want your gun coated to make it your own and camouflage it. Sierra can help